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Sabah Snake Grass - Healing & Benefits

Alternative treatments and cure for cancer using natural therapies.

Alternative treatments and cure for cancer using natural therapies.

HOW it works?
A cancer patient’s blood should be quite acidic and toxic. Cancer cells feed on acidic and toxin from the blood. These are their foods. So, detoxifying the blood block the cancer cells from getting their foods. When there is no food for the cancer cells, the cancer tumor/tumors will shrink or died.

Other healing properties / benefits.
Besides for cancer healing, Sabah Snake Grass also good for: 
Detoxifying body 
Good for our kidney.

If it is early stage of kidney failure, by consuming snake grass, it is possible to prevent patient from going for kidney dialysis. 

Kidney failure patients who already gone for dialysis also can consume snake grass. It help to relief them when undergo the dialysis process. There are cases where patients able reduce the amount dialysis from 3 times to 2 times in a week after GETTING APPROVAL from doctor.


How to consume?
You can either brew as tea or blend the leaves become juice. When the patient gets better, reduce the number of SSG Green Tea™ leaves.

Sabah Snake Grass juice & tea
Sabah Snake Grass with apple. Please click "How to prepare Sabah Snake Grass juice leaves for the RECIPE.

For maintaining good health - suggested that you take between 5 to 10 leaves  per day
For other diseases - Take between 30 to 50 LEAVES per day

Sabah Snake grass was popular to it benefits in alternative medicine to cure various kind of diseases. Traditionally it was used as a herb to cure snake bite. It is believe that it able to neutralized the poison from the snake. Recently, it is well known for its healing properties such as cure for cancer and kidney failure aliviation.


Herbal CANCER TREATMENT :Traditional uses of SSG
Sabah Snake Grass has traditionallybeen used for the following healthproblems:Sore throatUric acidGOUTUTERINE FIBROIDKidney problemsPROSTATE inflammation

Stage 1 - 1 tablespoon of SSG Green Tea** equivalence to  50 leaves
Stage 2 - 2 tablespoons of SSG Green Tea** equivalence  to 100 leaves
Stage 3 - 3 tablespoon of SSG Green Tea** equivalence to 200 leaves
Stage 4 - 4 tablespoons of SSG Green Tea** equivalence to 300 leaves
**Assuming 1 tablespoon equivalence 3 mg of SSG Green Tea x 5 = 15 mg of SSG fresh leaves

There are some patients may suffer from painful back, shoulder, stomach, feeling like vomit and dizziness. This could be due to overdose / your body is 'Yin' (cold), so it is a SIGN for you to lower down the amount of SSG leaves.

Best Practice
Practice HEALTHY DIET and lifestyle in order to get heal faster. Prevent eating food such as beans, sugar, products make from white flour, meat, poultries, honey, kembong fish, ray fish, 7 angled-fish, crab, prawn, shellfish, yam, glutinous rice, margarine, butter, durian, bird nest, ginseng and other rejuvenating herbs like Linzhi and Yunzhi.

Do some ligh exercise such as outdoor walking during morning under the sun. Our skin able to make vitamin D. Researchers suggest that vitamin D curbs the growth of cancerous cells.

Antioxidant food
Green tea, Blueberries, Sky fruit, Tomato, Garlic, Papaya, Apricot seeds, Lemon grass

Planting and Multiplying SABAH SNAKE GRASS
 Follow the step by step guide on multiplying stem of SSG. 
see below on "How to multiply Sabah Snake Grass"  learn about it now
Before you start to plant SSG, you may want to try planting SSG at your own HOME.

Know your plant
This is how the SSG look like with a root

SSG doesn't have any seed, the only way to multiply SSG is by using it stem.
It is not hard to plant it. 

Pluck leaves carefully so you dont break the stem plant

used only healty leaves to blend

ps: Best result is not to use any sugar or honey, blend only SSG & Green Apple

Blend All, Tos it all out the Juice

the end result a very juicy juice, taste nice and very cooling
you can feel it instantly

This page dedicated to:
My sister Faridah Ismail, get well soon and cheerful as always, and also to all hope this website atleat help you understand more about this herbs, do share around ok take care and dont forget to take good care of you daily diet :)

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